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Why Shred It?

Keeping information secure is not just a best business practice. For many businesses it is a legal requirement. Privacy laws - such as HIPPA - are meant to ensure the complete destruction of confidential information such that it would be impossible to reconstruct or recreate a document by any means.  This means going beyond simply recycling. It means complete secure shredding that is guaranteed document destruction in Arizona.

Avoiding Disaster

Whether or not your business is bound by privacy laws, it is easy to see how much damage can be done by sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Something as seemingly harmless as a printed email Inbox might end up in the trash, where unscrupulous individuals could find information that might damage your business or your clients. Some staff members may be unable to determine which types of information is sensitive and which is not. To avoid any potential disaster, it is best to destroy any potentially damaging documents. The old saying of “better safe than sorry” is the inspiration for our motto: Better Shred Than Read.

Greener is Better

Recycle!Document shredding is an environmentally aware process. All shredded documents are sent to pulping factories where they are recycled into paper once more. This process not only ensures complete destruction of the materials, but also saves trees. Fiesta Shredding is proud to be a Phoenix business doing our part for the global environment.


What documents should you shred?

Better Shred than Read!
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