Paper Shredding and Document Destruction services for Phoenix Arizona and surrounding areas.
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Paper Shredding Services

Fiesta Shredding has a simple program to ensure your document destruction.

Collection bins are delivered to your site in Phoenix.
Bin locks are maintained by our company to ensure that no unauthorized access is possible.
Materials are collected by our Arizona bonded, certified, uniformed guards.
Materials are in the possession of our personnel throughout shredding, bailing and storage until they are shipped to a pulping mill.
Certificate of Destruction is issued.

Shred Service is EconomicalDocument Destruction

There is no costly equipment to buy and maintain. There is no staff time required. Your employees insert the documents into the secure collection bin.  Fiesta Shredding handles the rest.

Document Destruction is Easy

Your on site process is simple: Your staff simply drops items for destruction into the secure bin. There is no need for preparation. Fiesta Shredding accepts:

  • Paper clips
  • All types of fasteners
  • Carbon paper
  • Folders
  • All types of paper
  • All sizes of paper
  • Bound materials
  • 3-ring binders
  • Heavy envelopes

What documents should you shred?

Better Shred than Read!
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