Paper Shredding and Document Destruction services for Phoenix Arizona and surrounding areas.
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Paper Shredding Process

Fiesta Shredding employs bonded, certified, uniformed guards to collect confidential materials from your site and deliver them safely to our off site processing plant in Phoenix. Your confidential information is shredded by our powerful equipment, baled together with unrelated documents, and securely maintained until shipped to a pulping mill. Our mobile shredding personnel are trained to ensure that your documents remain in a tight chain of custody in Arizona.

Paper Shredding Process

The Chain of Custody

For secure document destruction and compliance with Federal confidentiality laws, a chain of custody should be documented and maintained. At Fiesta Shredding we take that one more step and maintain the bales of shredded information until they are transferred to the pulping plant. Many of our competitors deliver the shredded, unbaled materials to a third party recycling plant - where they are dumped on the floor. That creates one more link in the chain of custody, and potentially one more security risk for you.

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