Paper Shredding and Document Destruction services for Phoenix Arizona and surrounding areas.
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Shredding Phoenix

Shredding Phoenix

Information is your Arizona business’s most important asset - and you probably have controls in place to protect sensitive information when it is in use. But those controls are neutralized if the materials are simply discarded or recycled. Complete document destruction is needed.

Fiesta Shredding understands the risk to your Phoenix company’s confidentiality and we guarantee your information security. We not only fully comply with NAID* standards, but We maintain full control of the shredded material until it reaches the pulping plant. Most of our competitors cannot promise that.

Understanding the Risks

For complete information security, your confidential documents must be completely destroyed. From collection to shredding to bailing to pulping, Fiesta Shredding maintains control of your sensitive information.  With anything less, you run the risk of:

  • Being prosecuted under Federal Privacy of Information laws
  • Losing valuable technical information
  • Divulging confidential correspondence
  • Exposing business practices to competitors
  • Damaging customer confidence

The list of documents that potentially expose your company to risk is long and varied. We can help your Phoenix based company learn what to shred and why to shred it.

* National Association for Information Destruction

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